Combining Roof Windows into a Solar Roof

Solar With Roof Windows

Seamlessly Combining Roof Windows into Your Solar Roof

Viridian Solar has collaborated with leading roof window supplier VELUX to develop compatible roofing kits that enable a roof window to be installed within an array of Clearline fusion solar panels

The hidden fixings, clean lines and high-quality metal roofing kit of Clearline fusion combine beautifully with the VELUX roof window to optimise roof utilisation.

in-roof solar pv panels and roof windows


in-roof solar pv panels

F16-VC is compatible with VELUX roof window size MK08 (780 x 1398mm) with ODL Solar Integrator flashing from VELUX. This kit is suitable for a roof window in a central position, with eight solar panels arranged around it as shown.

The F16-VC is available from your usual Clearline fusion stockist, while the ODL flashing can be bought through VELUX suppliers.

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