easily add solar water heating to a combi boiler

Solar Water Heating, Simplified

Retrofit solar thermal systems, combining solar PV water heating with a combi boiler, Pod makes it all easy.

A horizontal format heat store that preheats water on its way to an existing hot water cylinder or a combi boiler. Heating can be either from a solar thermal panel or from the diversion of excess PV electricity.

Reduced disruption, minimum intervention

The Pod fits through a standard loft hatch and its horizontal format means it will slide into the tightest corner. The only work inside the house is to run pipework to feed the solar heated water to the existing heating system.

No need to remove the existing cylinder and re-make all the pipe connections to a twin coil cylinder, and no need to give up space in the airing cupboard.

Labour time, disruption to the household and making good are all minimised.

Works with any heating system

The Pod is a solar heat store where cold water is rapidly pre-heated on demand as it flows through a coiled pipe inside the unit before being sent on to either an existing hot water cylinder or a combi-boiler. It doesn't matter what heating system there already is in the house, the Pod integrates seamlessly.

Where a home already has a hot water cylinder, the Pod preheats the water before it goes into that cylinder, reducing the energy used by the boiler to heat up the cylinder.

Where a home has a combi-boiler for on-demand domestic hot water, the pre-heated water from the Pod either by-passes the boiler (if hot enough) or flows through the boiler for a top-up under the control of a thermostatic valve.

Hot water from either solar thermal or solar PV

The Pod is available in two formats. Pod PV has an immersion heater which can be powered with excess solar electricity from a solar photovoltaic installation. It's a superior approach compared to using the immersion heater in an existing cylinder as this often only heats the very top part of the cylinder and is in competition with the boiler.

Pod PV also makes possible the implementation of solar PV water heating for homes that have a combi-boiler. An immersion boost button means that Pod PV can provide year-round back up hot water in the event of boiler break down.

Simplifies and speeds up installation

For solar heating installations, Pod ST cuts the time for installation dramatically. There's no need to take out the existing hot water cylinder and re-fit a solar cylinder - just connect the solar panels to one side and the cold water supply to the other and fill. Solar controller, pump, over-pressure discharge are all factory fitted.

The large-format solar heat exchange coil provides sufficient volume for a drain-back solar loop. Alternatively, a simple kit provides the extra components for a pressurised solar loop.

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